The following company is doing business as: TRUE PATH REALTY, 16520 BAKE PKWY STE 125, IRVINE, CA, CA 92618. This business is conducted by a corporation TRUE PATH LOANS, INC., 16520 BAKE PKWY STE 125, IRVINE, CA, CA, 92618. The registrants have not commenced to do business under the fictitious business name or names listed above. /S/TRUE PATH LOANS, INC..

This notice was filed with the Orange County Recorder on 5/3/21.

The San Clemente News: 6/4/21, 6/11/21, 6/18/21, 6/25/21.

This legal notice expires, and will be moved to the archive, on Friday July 2nd, 2021.

Legal TRUE PATH REALTY – FBN# 20216604183